Hello!  I'm so glad you are here. I'd like to share about how I "got bridged" - in more ways than one!

     In 2018, I experienced sudden vision loss and over the course of three short months became blind.

     My long daily walks have helped me cope by clearing my mind and restoring some sense of freedom. Often, though, I'm stopped in my tracks before crossing Portsmouth's Memorial Bridge when it lifts for passing boats. I've dubbed this experience "getting bridged," which has become a metaphor for the unexpected obstacles life throws at us. But the metaphor doesn't end there. You see, when you get bridged, whether you're in your car or on foot, there isn't a whole lot you can do in the situation. Are you stuck? Maybe... but I would argue you're not if you've accepted the experience, and certainly not if you've gotten to the point that you can welcome it. Regardless, getting bridged is an opportunity to pause. 

     My forced pause came at age 45 with my diagnosis of Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON), a rare genetic disorder. This devastating blow was exacerbated by my long-standing drug and alcohol addiction.  This loss of my vision quite literally made me walk by faith and not by sight, and forced me to re-evaluate my life. 

     In 2019,  at the age of 45, after several years of half-hearted attempts at Recovery,  God did for me what I could not do for myself.  I FINALLY walked away from a Lifetime of Addiction to Drugs & Alcohol One Day at A Time.  My Blindness forced me to deeper levels of my Existence and Purpose. Praise be to God. Click here to see to my latest video aired on my 2nd Anniversary of Sobriety: 

     A little about me. I am a Roger Williams University Alumni Class of 1998.  I had a myriad of successful careers in the Finance and Hospitality Industries, and have always had a strong work ethic. I am proud to be part of the 2019 Graduating Class of Carroll Center for the Blind- where I learned to live life on life's terms. 

     Through my seeds of Faith planted at a young age, I was able to draw from a Higher Power, which for me, is God. I am still here today thanks be to God.

     For all of us,  Life has its ups and downs.  Let's get through this together!  Walking several miles a day around Portsmouth, New Hampshire, always brings new perspectives. Stay tuned for our "I Got Bridged"  Walk-a-Thon September 26th of 2021,  in which we will be raising funds for those in need on the Seacoast. 

     Already, we have begun the process of bridging the gap for people on the Seacoast, through the sales of our Merchandise. 100% of the profits go towards bridging the gap for our neighbors in need. 

     There are many more metaphors tied into this concept of I GOT BRIDGED.  This is about overcoming major obstacles in Life. 

     I want to know HOW you "GOT BRIDGED" but more importantly,  how are you dealing with it and what are you doing about it? Could you use our help in any way? Nothing is too small.  I GOT BRIDGED is available for assistance to help individuals so let us know how we can help.  The ultimate goal of "I GOT BRIDGED" is to Help Others. What is Your story?  Please share your experiences to help encourage one another.  Join me on Facebook @Igotbridged and also Instagram @Igotbridged and share your experience, strength and hope with us. ​

     A reminder to be kind to others because everyone is fighting a hard battle.  ​By helping others,  we take the focus off ourselves.      

     I have had many adventures in my Life both before and after my Vision Loss , and if my experiences can help even one person get through this Life, then my Suffering will have a Purpose.   

     I can listen to my texts through voice translation so don't be shy! 


     The I Got Bridged Board will also be frequently checking emails and posting contents, blogs and updates. 

     This is a work in progress. Like all of us... So please stay tuned and again let me know how YOU GOT BRIDGED!

#Be Kind   

#Help Others


~ Freddy Petrone


Sep 26, 10:00 AM
Four Tree Island, Pierce Island Road
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     A Special Thank You to Harvey's Embroidery located in Portsmouth for helping "bridge" the gap for people in need on the Seacoast.


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